| OfficIal premiere at The AV CLUB |

"Ariel Vida brings us a heavily-stylised, Robert Rodriguez-esque B-movie music video. It has all the trappings of a kitschy American road movie: seedy motels, booze, gambling, violence and the open road. And an unstoppable avenging angel.
We follow our anti-hero as he unleashes his vengeance on the members of a shady corporation that destroyed his world, and possibly his life. Classic Western tropes executed here with a horror movie twist, and a superfun fondness for the genre." - PromoNews.TV

"The cinematic narrative, directed by Ariel Vida, brings vitality to the Americana folk sounds of Lord Huron which will, no doubt, trigger a desire to sit down with season one of True Detective this weekend, it’s that good." - state.ie